Meta has announced the loudest shutdown for Facebook and Instagram. The reason for this issue is data sharing between the EU and the US, which may put European citizens’ privacy in danger. This warning was a part of Meta’s annual report on February 3. Check more global legislation news not to miss any updates.

It all started when Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems filed a lawsuit against insufficient protection. Later in July 2020, the European Court of Justice made a statement of insufficient protection for European citizens’ private data. Currently, the regulatory establishments in Europe have been setting a new legislation pack, which will identify how the EU citizens’ data is used.

In turn, Meta has stated that Facebook and Instagram will be blocked in Europe if the personal data cannot be transferred back to the US. The Facebook office is sure that it will negatively impact the business.

The European lawmaker Axel Voss has shared the indignation in fact of Meta being blackmailing the EU on Twitter.

However, Meta has assured that the company has no plan to exit the EU market. At the same time, data sharing between the EU and the US is the dominant factor for many international organizations.

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