The UK or US gas station is no longer a place where people can gas their cars. It is also a place for rest and entertainment. machines are already a habitual thing for such places, and the experts from .org have researched the machines in these countries. Check the latest news on the GBC website.

Gamblers can find gas station machines in 15 states out of 48 where gambling activity is legal. The biggest number of them is located in New York, Illinois, and Virginia. In other states like Nevada, there are over 600 slot machines. Generally, 112 781 US gas stations offer 7 237 slot machines.

The UK market includes an unregulated machines sector, but the possibility of seeing the slot machine at the gas station is more credible. There are three leading operators, and 73 out of 85 slot machines belong to them.

Such a location is a popular choice to locate the machines. But why?

According to .org research, high traffic and frequent waiting contribute to the desire to entertain yourself out of boredom.

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