As the news about the UK sector informs, the Gambling Commission continues to take action against illegal gambling ops. This time UKGC targeted an unlicensed lottery provider, operating on Facebook.

To combat illegal iGaming activity on social media platforms, the UK gambling watchdog collaborated with law enforcement organizations via Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN) and Facebook specialists. GC and its partners investigated to detect unlicensed operators on the social network.

During the investigation, UKGC has identified two individuals providing illegal services on Facebook groups. The lotteries offered cash prizes and awards in form of children’s toys and clothes. The aforementioned Facebook users were removed from the groups on the social media platforms and also received cease and desist letters from the North East Special Operations and SouthWest Crime Units.

UKGC will continue enforcement actions in the sector

Head of the GC, Helen Venn has commented on the matter, stating that although hundreds of people participated in the illegal activities, it was important to identify key individuals moderating the game. Venn warned that UKGC will focus on discovering and shutting down unlicensed lotteries, including raffles on social networks. GC’s executive director added that many of these lotteries do not send any funds to good causes and their participants are not protected by law. 

The coordinator of GAIN, David Gill, stated that the organization will support the Commission in targeting people profiting from illegal games of chance. Gill claims that the winners of illegal raffles are often the people that have organized the draw.

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