Mastodon instead of Twitter. PeerTube instead of YouTube. The EU has developed an alternative solution to Twitter for its citizens. It is called Mastodon. The essential idea of the newly developed platform is to bring more transparency and provide its users with a more secure experience. Learn more news together with GBC Time.

After the acquisition of Twitter by Tesla’s owner Elon Musk, some users of the social media have declared a “twexit” while changing their preferences to the side of a new social media platform Mastodon. Mastodon is a social media platform with two critical differences compared to Twitter. The first one relates to the open-sourced code, and the second one – to the moment of decentralization.

This social platform should definitely take a lot of effort to reach the same popularity as Twitter. However, it has already had 662 000 registered users and is projected to reach the point of 3.2 million active customers in the near future.

In addition, the EU government has an experiment while developing an alternative solution to the most popular online video sharing service YouTube. The alternative has the name of PeerTube. Among other experiments related to this subject-mater, a few projects are at the testing stage, namely EU Voice and EU Video.

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