The gambling sector has already started to limit the Russian market, following the sanction wave around the world. The UK Gambling Commission has advised the operators to be more attentive to the consumers and brands related to Russia in any way. The regulator calls it a “risk-based approach,” which must provide a safer space for operators and customers. More news on the legislation vertical are on the website.

During the last two weeks, the world has been facing unseen changes and transformations in the global economy. Due to the worldwide sanction pack towards Russia, the state of the whole financial sector has changed a lot. According to the economic crises in Russia and its government’s terrorist actions towards Ukraine, the UKGC has decided to update the approach to the customers from Russia.

This update may help the UK operators to avoid money-laundering cases and financing terrorism. The UKGC has also waned the operators about not following the new recommendations. It will be identified as the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 breach.

The operators that were caught at least once in breaking this law must immediately report it to the Commission.

Moreover, the Malta Gaming Authority has provided a new checking process for Russian businesses and customers.

Some leading operators have already gone from the Russian gambling market, protesting the terrorist breaking into another country.

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