The fans have gotten new details and updates on the World Series of Poker live event. The welcoming place of the tournament holding will be Turning Stone Resort and in New York. During 12 days, poker matches will be gathering people around the world to play poker and win some cash. However, the event’s manager has shared some details on the money prize. Check the latest poker news on the website to stay tuned.

One of the most expected events in the world begins today, on March 17th.

may be a fun game or maybe a moment of winning an incredible prize. However, the World Series of Poker Tournament Manager Dennis Jones thinks that big draw seems to be the game. Jones has also reminded the poker players that everybody (from beginners to professionals) can participate in the event.

The final tournament of the World Series of will take place in Las Vegas, where the strongest participators will compare at the Tournament of Champions. However, only gold ring winners can participate in the event finale.

The Vice President of Gaming Operations Guy Renzi has shared with players who have more chances to achieve some goals. Nine players, who are in the $170 satellite tournament, are able to win over $10 million in the tournament.

Check the news about the tournament on the gambling online magazine site.

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