Snapchat has announced the release of an AR toolkit, which will help eCommerce brands create more engaging experiences and improve customer retention. One of Snap’s latest developments also includes a tiny drone – Pixy – that can follow you, capture photos and videos, and then upload them to the platform. Snapchat also explained how brands can maximize their reach with the app. Learn more about social media news on the GBC Time website.

Pixy drone camera costs $230 and easily fits into a pocket. The new tool will be available in France and the US and may become a popular way to customize photos.

As for the other tools, eCommerce has been in Snapchat’s focus for some time now. To help brands create new experiences for customers, the app added new AR templates in Lens Web Builder – a tool that allows businesses to provide AR try-on experiences. With this tool, users of the app will be able to try on clothes online – by taking a full body picture.

Snapchat is also working on a new platform, where businesses can create 3D models of their products to showcase them in the app. The 3D models also could be a part of Snap’s upcoming development – AR spectacles.

The company also announced the launch of advanced tools for video editing, called Director Mode. In particular, this mode includes dual-camera controls, which can be used for 360-degree content. Snap is also rolling out a set of new effects for its Lens Cloud, including additional data storage and tracing. All of the new tools are aimed to improve AR experiences in the app.

The platform also explained the opportunities that its extensive AR toolkit brings brands. According to the company’s blog, the users of the app actively engage with the content, regularly sharing the publications.

95% of Snapchatters state that the app helps them connect with friends and family. And 87% of users feel that they can be fully themselves on the app. Snapchat also underlined that the app has been named the happiest platform, according to the research. And reaching consumers, when they feel happy, can boost the effectiveness of an ad by 40%.

Snapchat is also a great platform for promoting a brand, as one in two app users state they enjoy seeing brands on the app. Moreover, 82% of the users actively engage with those brands.


The innovative AR tools also help businesses drive sales, as Snapchatters that use branded AR effects are more likely to make a big purchase from the brand.


Snapchat remains an app for a younger audience. 39% of the users are aged between 18 and 24. The company also claims that it reaches over 7.5% of all 13–34 year-olds across 20 countries.

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