Following the latest news, the police department of Waterloo has warned the regional residents about a fraudulent scheme that involves fake lottery winnings. The officials said the plan was simple: the fraudsters ask the victims to transfer a certain sum of money as a fee to claim the phony lottery winnings.

In the police release, the representatives of the regional police said that the fraudsters were telling the victims about prizes that they had “actually” won. However, it is necessary to pay an upfront fee to claim the cash prize. The officials added that the communication was processed via phone calls, e-mails, social media networks, and advertising pop-ups.

After agreeing on the fraudsters’ terms, the victims received bank details to transfer the money. The fraudsters also processed these financial operations via prepaid cards and digital payment solutions.

The police revealed one case when someone called a Waterloo resident and introduced themselves as a representative of the Global Group company. The victim was asked to pay $3 000 to get the winnings, but instead of this, the victim person called the police.

As the police noticed, it was a great example. People should take some time and think before agreeing on such uncertain conditions. And what is more important, people should not transfer their money if they have doubts.

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