LinkedIn provides the active development of the marketing sector, especially towards international collaboration. Recently, the platform has launched a new information source, which involves global marketing research. Find more news on the GBC Time website.

Nowadays, the boundaries between the markets have become more and more inconspicuous in marketing worldwide. Companies and agencies are purposed to provide collaborations. The central LinkedIn office is also sure the ambitions are getting higher. And that is why the platform has decided to help develop international marketing.

LinkedIn’s new analytics research includes reports about the US, the UK, German, Australian, and Southeast Asian markets. The platform has also assured that even more researched regions will be available later.

To understand what ad format is at the top of the platform, marketers can see the detailed statistics. To drive brand awareness, it is better to post the video ad, which the view rate is 40%. Considering the lead generation driving, it is effective to use a message ad, which open rate is 1.9%.

The fastest-growing industries are software, media, professional services, banking, and government or education. The LinkedIn report includes the region data at this point as well.

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