According to the latest news, Match Poker Online is at the stage of launching its new poker application. Starting from 14 February, all poker enthusiasts will be able to dive into a completely new and unique environment of poker games. This environment will turn the standard way of playing poker games to an entirely new level, where all players will have equal chances compared to each other to win.

The developers use an innovative approach to playing poker. Putting these words in a simple concept, the development team has developed the idea, which puts all the players in exactly the same position with the same cards and flop. This approach allows players not to rely on good luck but their personal gaming skills. Consequently, poker turns into a real sports competition without an accent on gambling, and everyone has the same chances to win.

The Match Online mobile application will be packed with different features, an opportunity to check the post-match statistics and in-depth analysis of your plays, and a competitive gaming mode – the Battle Royal. This mode kicks off on the launch’s day. 36 players. 6 tables. All players have the same cards. The real challenge is to get more chips than your opponents (to win more). Thanks to this, the luck of cards does not affect your result. The only thing that influences it is your poker skills.

Jake Colman, Head of Customers Relations at Match Online, comments that poker players can see how better other players can play the game, having the same winning opportunities. In addition, Mr. Colman added that the statistics would be a great tool to analyze your gaming style, whether it was too passively or aggressively. This information will help players improve their gameplay and become better poker players.

All the players can join the beta version of the Match Online application starting right away by going on the company’s official website.

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