Cryptocurrency is definitely one of the most popular topics on social networks. Podcasts, public channels, interviews, and many other various forms are dedicated to the crypto industry. However, recently popular YouTube channel about Ethereum was blocked by the main office for no reason explained. More news is on the GBC Time website.

One of the most fast-growing YouTube channels dedicated to the crypto market, Bankless, has recently announced reached 150 000 subscribers. The channel creators were posting the podcasts and informative guides to Ethereum. And according to such a confident growth, it was obvious that it was not even the end of their story.

However, YouTube banned their page without any explanation. After a few hours of a total ban, the main office canceled such a decision. So Bankless creators were left at a loss.

Bankless posted on Twitter about the termination and address the message to YouTube with the requirement of an explanation.

It also seems like it was not a single crypto-ban case on the platform. Other cryptocurrency educational channels like Gabriel Haines.eth, and Optimism Collective were terminated as well.

YouTube officials did not give a response at the moment, but in a few days, the main offices commented on this situation on Twitter. According to the posted tweet, YouTube made a mistake by banning the Bankless channel. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki added: “Love the level of conversation happening around crypto on YouTube – very interested in web3 and the role we can play in the topic.”

Supposedly, that situation is not a sign of the constant banning in the future. In the past, the platform often blocked some channels because of platform policy violations. However, after some time of consideration, the channels were restored.

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