Instagram has decided to cut the payments for short videos – Reels. Influencers have noticed a significant decrease in their payments lately. And the reason for such changes is the strategy of adapting to the stronger competition to TikTok. Find more news on the GBC Time website.

At the start, Instagram Reels was expected to be the main competitor to the TikTok format. However, it seems like the platform is going through some strategy reformation.

Financial Times magazine reports a 70% decrease in the payment for one view of Reels and growth of the threshold for getting paid over 10 times. The main office hasn’t contacted the influencers to explain such financial changes.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said “Creators have had mixed experiences with these programs, and there’s uncertainty around potential earnings due to a lack of transparency and information regarding payout calculations”.

Instagram is probably looking for a new profitable formula for creators and the platform, as well. This photo-sharing app in the past sees video-format the drive visual format. Other large companies like Snapchat and YouTube also encourage the creators of short videos.

But the first place is still held by TikTok, according to the popular food and travel blogger Binny Shah-Patel. “Creating a Reel on Instagram can be fiddly and crashes, on TikTok you have better features and your audience is wider” – he said.

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