Affiliate marketing has been actively developing for the latest years, and some global experts discussed this sector in the recent event. On February 22, the webinar “The Future of Affiliate Marketing: Best Practices and Trends of 2022” welcomed officials from well-known companies to analyze the latest trends, focusing on affiliate marketing. Check the latest news to stay tuned for updates.

The online event was organized by Artefact,  a UK-based digital marketing company.. Among the experts were affiliate marketers from the global-known agencies like Europcar’s Roman Moreau, AWIN’s Lorenz Stimpfl, Quidco’s Sam Birtwistle, and Artefact’s Head of Affiliates – Viktorija Jonikane.

The event started with Viktorija’s statement about the noticed active development of affiliate marketing. She mentioned the fact of the fast-growing sector, which differs with its swiftness, compared to other industries. She also expressed hope for more new various strategies to achieve the new goals in the future.

The experts also shared their thoughts on traveling affiliate marketing and the global pandemic’s effect on it. Gambling affiliate marketing is another promising sector, which requests collaborations with more markets than just the UK and the US.

Sam Birtwistle reminded the participants that affiliate marketing is an endless space with opportunities, where a large number of collaborations may build a stronger industry. He is sure that the new collaboration is the key to the sector’s development.

Roman Moreau also thinks that the dominant tool in the affiliate marketing development process is the great number of partnerships, which helps to keep high-quality traffic. Keeping up with the latest trends is another key to running a successful affiliate program.

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