Utilizing AI writing tools for content creation is a controversial topic, which is often debated by SEO specialists. The leading search engine Google, however, has established its attitude toward AI-generated content. John Mueller – Google Search Advocate – has made it clear that the content generated with AI tools is against the Webmaster Guidelines of the company. Google, however, may not be able to detect this content automatically. For more news updates, visit the GBC Time website.

During the Google SEO Office Hours hangout, Muller stated that the search platform views AI-written content as spam. The representative also claims that Google doesn’t take into consideration how and which tools were used to create content.

At the same time, Search Advocate didn’t make any claim about the automated detection of AI-generated content on Google. Most probably, human reviewers are required to identify whether the content was written by machines.

The topic was brought up after the viewer asked a question about GPT-3 AI writing tools. The user of these writing instruments is heavily debated among SEO marketers.

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