The Gambling Commission of the UK (UKGC) has issued a new report in the latest news, accessing how the lifting of lockdown and easing pandemic-related restrictions affected the gambling industry. The data provided by UKGC licensees shows changes in the player behavior in December 2021 and Q3 of 2021/22 financial year (October – December 2021).

All Covid restrictions in the UK were lifted in July 2021. In October, however, the development of the new Omicron variant led to the reintroduction of minor Covid rules, such as mandatory face masks and recommendations to work from home.

The Gambling Commission reminded operators that under the current circumstances they have to be extremely vigilant by:

  • following the GC’s guidance and looking into changes in players behavior;
  • interacting with the player where the triggers are reached;
  • not exploiting the situation for promotion;
  • onboarding new players with special care.

Financial results in the UK gambling market in Q3 2021/22

In Q3, the total gross gambling yield (GGY) amounted to £1.2 billion, dropping by 6% from Q2 results. At the same time, the total number of bets placed was 4% up from the Q2 level, and the number of gambling accounts stayed the same. The level of player interactions surpassed 3.2 million, increasing by 8%.

Real-event wagering

The main reason for a fall in quarterly revenue is decreasing GGY in the real-event niche. From October to December 2021, online wagering on real-life sports generated £461 million in revenue, which is 16% lower than in Q2. As some sports fixtures were canceled in December 2021, the number of active bettors dropped by 5% from the Q2 level. The number of bets, however, grew by 4%.


Online slots GGY, at the same time, increased to £568 million, rising by 1% from the Q2 level. Both the number of spins and active players rose to new heights in Q3, with 18.2 billion spins and. 10 million active gamblers. The average session length was 19 minutes, and 7% of sessions were over an hour.

Brick-and-mortar betting

GGY generated by the licensed operators decreased by 1%, dropping to £533 million in Q3 2021/22. The number of bets and spins, however, rose to 3.3 billion.

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