The recent GambleAware study on the women’s experiences in gambling indicates that up to one million females in the UK could be at risk of gambling harm. So, the UK charity has launched a new campaign to reduce this harm among women. Read the latest industry news to stay tuned.

The analysis also shows that nearly 40% of women suffering from a high level of gaming-induced harm may not seek help because of stigma, shame, or not wanting others to know about their gambling. The study also shows that female players are more likely to say that their gambling has led to mental health problems, including anxiety and stress.

One of the reasons, for which GambleAware looked into female gambling, was an increased activity on sites that are popular among women. From December to March, the average traffic on these sites was 29% higher than during the rest of the year.

A new campaign from GambleAware is specifically targeted at women

The new GambleAware campaign aims to prevent problem gaming behavior and other gambling-related harm among women in the UK. The program will help female players to identify early signs of addiction to games of chance and provide support before their gambling becomes harmful.

As stated on the charity’s website, the main warning signs of problem gambling are:

  1. A person loses track of time when playing at a casino;
  2. A person spends on gambling more than they can afford;
  3. A person doesn’t talk about their gambling and keeps it’s a secret from close people.

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