On 2 March 2022, ESL Gaming, a German organizer of different eSports events, made a statement on its official website that the organization will ban all eSports teams that have even a slight tie with the Russian government. And following the latest eSports news, the organization has applied a few more actions to support Ukraine during this darkest hour.

On the eve of the upcoming ESL Pro League, ESL Gaming decided to ban all teams and individuals linked with the Russian government. Among the well-known representatives of the gaming industry are Virtus.Pro and Gambit. These teams will not be allowed to represent themselves in ESL Pro League in 2022.

According to ESL Gaming, these teams can still participate in this event, but they should compete under one rule – to be represented under a neutral name. Furthermore, there should not be mentions of their country and sponsors’ labels on their clothes.

As one more additional implemented measure, ESL Gaming suspends all competitions within the region of CIS. However, the representatives of the eSports organizer ensure that this is only a temporary measure, and all the scheduled matches can be played later.

The organization states that its employees and partners are currently working on an action set that focuses on supporting the Ukrainian people suffering from the current Russian invasion. The eSports organizer stepped into donations to UNHCR with a purpose to increase the humanitarian help for the people of Ukraine. And ESL Gaming has great hope for “a swift and peaceful resolution” of the conflict.

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