One member of the popular esports team Cyclops Athlete Gaming made an aggressive statement about “short men” during a Cyclops Athlete Gaming stream. The team has already boosted her from the team. The Japanese and the global audience expressed dissatisfaction in the comment section about the rough outgiving. Find more esports news on the website to stay tuned for updates.

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The streaming platforms strictly filter the content to keep a safe space for people of all genders, races, and religions. Sometimes, content creators get into scandals because of the harsh expressions or actions, and platforms ban their accounts. At this time, the esports team was surrounded by attention.

Cyclops Athlete Gaming is specialized in first-person shooters like PUBG, Call of Duty, and Tekken. On February 15, one of the team members – Tanukana – has said that men under 170 cm did not have human rights.

The global discussion was started on Twitter. Some users supposed that the Japanese slang might make an impression. However, there were still more negative users. Tanukana posted on Twitter her apologies and stated the wrong interpretation of her action. After the scandal, sponsors have broken the contract with her. Cyclops Athlete Gaming has also apologized to all offended.

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