Brazil is often discussed in the news articles about gambling legislation. This week, the Senate’s Committee on Economic Affairs has passed a bill that establishes a new tax on online games of chance. The new law that legalizes the exploitation of gambling activities, however, is yet to be approved.  

The taxation project was created by the federal senator of the Brazilian state of Parana – Flávio Arns. The bill proposes a new tax approach for online games of chance, online sports betting, and esports. Tax charges for these activities will be distributed by the Brazilian ISS system – a tax on services. Senator Jaques Wagner also explained that the law would require the identification of the and sportsbook players and unify the obligation for the online platforms.

As the ISS is a municipal levy, the exact tax rate is defined by each city but must be between 2 and 5%. For esports and video game tournaments, however, the tax will be collected in the municipality where the user/buyer of the service is located.  The project author Flávio Arns claims that the use of modern technology, especially the organization of virtual events, makes it difficult to manage taxes in the esports and iGaming sectors.

The Senate plenary now has to analyze the gambling tax proposal. Experts believe that the bill will not come into effect in 2022. 

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