Blockchain-based gaming is a trend in 2021 and 2022. While these games are insanely popular, finding one to your liking is a challenging task. That is why a uniform platform with up-to-date data about crypto gaming is much-needed development. The gaming platform Rainmaker has launched a game discovery website with more than 150 blockchain-based games. Find morenews about the cryptocurrency sector on the GBC Time website.

As Cryptobriefing reports, the platform is the first single source of data about blockchain gaming. It features reviews from gaming experts, technical information, stats and rankings, video content, and more. The blockchain games are divided into several categories:

  • top-ranking;
  • most popular;
  • free games;
  • highest yield;
  • blockchain protocol.

The Rainmaker platform is now in beta version. The game information pages feature valuable data about crypto games. The activity from social media platforms, like Twitch, Twitter, and Reddit, is also integrated into the page.

The platform helps experienced gamers and newbies find trusted and high-ranked blockchain games.

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