Michael Dugher, CEO of the And Gaming Council, has stated that the government should treat gambling like alcohol but not like tobacco. Dugher is sure that sports betting is more like alcohol, which is harmful to someone, but someone can enjoy it in small quantities. Compared to tobacco, which is detrimental to everyone. Do not miss the hottest betting news to stay tuned.

and Gaming Council has been actively fighting the ignorance of society towards the gambling industry. They try to educate people about gambling harm, addiction, and other issues that always interfere with the sector’s development worldwide.

PoliticsHome magazine has published an article of Michael Dugher. The article tells that disinformation is currently one of the dominant problem issues.  For example, the recent NHS England press release included the data of gambling addiction among the citizens of the UK. There was published a number of 2.2 million people (0.5%) having problems with gambling addiction. This information was refuted because of the miscalculations of the population.

After that, the UKGC reported that the gambling problem was way too low. Moreover, this data has constantly been decreasing.

The UK government seems to start new regulatory actions towards many segments, including gambling. Chris Philp, a minister responsible for gambling, made a statement about the new course of the gambling regulation, which would be more balanced and based on the accurate analytic data. Chris Philip has also assured me that big changes are needed.

Michael Dugher sees the gambling industry reforms as the big challenge for the government, which will improve the market in regulation.

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