Nowadays, generation Z is a leading group of social media users globally. However, it seems like significant changes are coming up. In total, 65% of generation Z prefer social media platforms based on community, like Twitch and Discord. Check the hottest global news on the GBC website.

The Impero agency has researched the preferences of the generation Z group based on a survey of 350 users on The Move, a next-gen cultural platform. As a result, 65% of users feel more comfortable on Twitch and Discord. At the same time, Instagram and Twitter are down the list of preferences.

Thanks to this research, it is more evident that Gen Z is focused on the uniqueness in the majority of the sectors. People of this group want to be heard. That is why the right to freedom of speech is another essential factor. 66% of responders chose the platform focusing on the “voice” criteria, and 61% – on privacy.

Alex, one of The Move community members is sure that content creators are an essential role in the big Internet community. He also said that he would definitely stop supporting the brands if they shut down the creators.

In conclusion, Zuhur Mohamed, New Generation Culture Research and Analysis Specialist at Impero, said that the whole marketing is based on the research data. Brands can make the community model the central part of the strategy, attracting more Gen Z users.

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